Thursday , 18 October 2018
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Horn, ok, post: Maharashtra Roadways` driver caught checking Facebook while driving

Mumbai: Social media addiction could be injurious to health.

A state transport bus in Maharashtra could well do with this warning sign for its passengers because its driver has been filmed using his phone to check his Facebook feed and Whatsapp account – all while rumbling down the highway.

Passengers in a fully-loaded public bus in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad area had a ‘thrilling’ ride they won’t want ever again when they noticed the driver busy checking his social media accounts. Hand on phone, eyes on posts, the driver was reportedly oblivious to how jittery people behind him were. One of the passengers then decided to flick out his own phone and record the foolhardiness of the driver. Social media once again came into play but this time, it was to highlight just how risky using a phone can be when on the wheels of a vehicle.

That the driver chose to prioritise his social media over the lives of passengers in the bus has infuriated netizens. Many are now demanding stern action against him. The Motor Vehicles Act strictly forbids use of mobile phones while driving. And yet, several instances of careless phone use is commonly seen on Indian roads.


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