Hindustan Zinc Wins ‘Company with Great Managers’ Award for the third time in a row

12 Managers from Hindustan Zinc have been recognized and included in the Top 300 Great Managers list by the People Business and the Economic Times initiative and 3 Managers positioned as Winners of ‘Great Managers Award 2022’

Udaipur : For the third consecutive year, Hindustan Zinc won the ‘Company with Great Managers’ title and three Winners of Great Manager Awards 2022. The Great Manager Awards is a joint initiative between People Business and Economic Times to identify, recognize and reward organizations with ‘Great Managers’ in India.

This program enables the participant organizations to compare and benchmark themselves and their managers across multiple industries. The Economic Times and People Business have selected Manmeet Singh, Parag Jain and Mohammad Ali among the Top 100 Great Managers from Hindustan Zinc. Furthermore, 12 managers from Hindustan Zinc have been named among the Top 300 managers.

Celebrating his team’s accomplishments, Mr. Arun Misra, CEO of Hindustan Zinc, said, “Hindustan Zinc is extremely proud and honoured to win the Great Manager Award under the top 100 Great Mangers list by the Economic Times and People Business for the third consecutive year. I would like to congratulate tall leaders Manmeet Singh, Parag Jain, and Mohammad Ali on receiving the award of ‘Great Managers 2022′.

This is in recognition of their significant contributions to the company. Hindustan Zinc aims to provide positive employee work experiences, and these practices are ingrained in our culture. The workforce is the pivotal force behind the company’s growth and development, and we think it is imperative to keep all of our employees committed by involving them in decision-making and enabling a best-in-classwork culture”.

Hindustan Zinc has underpinned its legacy in creating a strong working culture across its operations and processes. The company staff undergo a structured and high-impact learning program called the Managerial Effectiveness Program, which comprises of a 360-degree evaluation and an individual feedback session aimed at new managers to assist them in transitioning from individual contributors to great managers.

Hindustan Zinc believes that its strength lies is its workforce, and that a motivated and productive team is essential for the company’s long-term success. Through a range of rigorous managerial competence evaluations, including leadership style and performance, the organization has benchmarked its people practicesand strive to define and develop an ecosystem and culture in India that produces great managers. Nominated managers are evaluated on key managerial criteria using an international benchmark and evaluation model.

Hindustan Zinc has a robust HR framework that focuses on close involvement with its employees at all levels. Employees’ requirements, including technological, functional, behavioural, management, and leadership aspects, are the driving force behind the involvement. Gender parity is another priority of the company, with equal representation and opportunity for both genders at all levels. In FY 2021-22, too, company has earned several awards and recognitions that underscored the quality and strength of our pro-employee initiatives.

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