Sunday , 5 December 2021
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Hdfc Ergo Launches Its Website In Hindi Language

Hdfc Ergo Launches Its Website In Hindi Language

Udaipur :   HDFC ERGO General Insurance, India’s leading non-life insurance company in the private sector, announced  the launch its full-fledged Hindi website to commemorate the Hindi Day 2021 (Hindi Bhasha Divas). With this, HDFC ERGO General Insurance has entered the league of a few brands offering a bi-lingual website (English & Hindi).


A digital-first Company, HDFC ERGO has always focused on digitally enabling consumersacross the country and ensuring their services are made easily available &understandable. According to a report published by KPMG, 521 million speakers use Hindi as their primary language and 39% use the language while accessing the internet. Therefore, the content of the website has been made available in Hindi, to ensure the majority of the country’s population can understand and access their products and services with ease.

Speaking about the launch of the website in Hindi, Mr. Mehmood Mansoori, President, Shared Services & Online Businesses said, “We have seen great adoption of digital self-service by our customers’ with 60% requests being serviced digitally. Our focus now is to reach out and service more and more customers’ digitally in tier2 and tier 3 cities. Making content available in regional languages is another step in this direction. Soon our website will be available in other languages too. To cater to Tier 2 & 3 cities and towns digitally, we had launched host of our services on Whatsapp& Telegram, and we have seen great adoption of these platform, especially in these markets. Soon, we shall make services available in Hindi and other regional languages on these chat platforms too.”

The company is hopeful that this will not only help consumers’ in better understanding their products &services, but will also aid in creating heightened awareness and knowledge about insurance. Consumer can simply logon to access the website in Hindi. The services on WhatsApp too, will also be offered in Hindi soon for the consumer. In the next few months HDFC ERGO’s website & WhatsApp services will be made available in more regional Indian languages catering to the vast multi-lingual Indian population and further better the customer service experience.