From cafeteria mannerism to weddings, Raj police sensitize ppl on COVID protocols

Udaipur : People passing by Sukhadia Circle, one of the prime hangout places in Udaipur were wonderstruck by the scenes they witnessed. They saw cops in uniforms and plain-clothes, demonstrating various protocols related to COVID-19, appealing people to follow them in daily lives as the country learns to move on with the virus and its increasing community transmission.

Under the series of awareness programs taken up by various departments at the instructions of the state government, Udaipur police set up an exhibition displaying live models and mannequins to showcase the right techniques to be followed by men and women in their daily chores, family rituals and outings. ” Life begins from home everyday and the homemakers should give a turmeric or baking soda wash to the veggies that are brought from mandis which are hotspots for the novel coronavirus. Wearing mask, sanitising oneself, social distancing are the three do’s applicable for everyone stepping out of their homes” Deputy SP Chetna Bhati, incharge of the exhibition program told .

The cops set up various sections at the venue to demonstrate the protocols while attending patients at hospital, hosting any wedding ceremony or even organizing a cremation ritual on demise of a beloved one in the family. ” It has been seen that despite clear instructions, people congregate more than the permissible limit for such events like wedding or funeral which could be contagious and so the exhibition showcased all such events to sensitise people that emotions have to be kept away when it is the question of life. Similarly, we also had a message for restaurant owners as well as people dining out on how they should conduct themselves at the public place” Bhati said. The exhibition was well taken by the civil society as the audience appreciated the police efforts.

” Ever since the market place has reopened and people have been granted movement access, they have started taking liberty for granted. Everyone should understand that the community spread could be really dangerous and we should stay indoors as much as possible to help the governments and corona warriors to control the pandemic until any vaccine arrives. Udaipur police has done a good job to educate the mass through this exhibition which was educative as well as interesting to watch” Abha Gupta, associate professor at the govt Meera college here said.

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