Ex-RPSC chairman files nomination for Mayor post, Congress fields Arun Taunk

Udaipur : Former chairman of the RPSC and retired PWD chief engineer Govind Singh Taunk filed the nomination papers for mayoral post in Udaipur. With 44 seats in hand with the BJP,  Taunk’s victory and coronation as the next mayor is least doubtful. The 75-year old veteran who won his debut election as a BJP candidate from ward number 61 is a graduate in civil engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Although a political novice, Taunk is known for his technical acumen and greater understanding of Udaipur city’s infrastructure. While opponents claim he had never been in direct contact with the public, however, Taunk’s experience as technical advisory in various government bodies is being held as his eligibility for chairing the corporation.

According to party sources, although there were three other claimants for the mayoral post, however, Taunk, being the first choice of GulabChand Kataria, others conceded to his decision. Kataria sought consensus on Taunk’s name from among the elected councilors who reportedly agreed to abide by the party’s decision. On Thursday morning, Kataria, Chandra Singh Kothari, MLA PhoolSIngh Meena, BJP district president Ravindra Shrimali accompanied Taunk to the collectorate where his nomination papers were filed. The Congress party too has fielded a candidate for the coveted post.

Arun Taunk, the elected party candidate from ward number 4 too filed his papers on Thursday. Former MLA Trilok Purbia, PCC secretary Pankaj Sharma and other leaders accompanied him. With 20 elected party candidates, congress looks forward to seek support of the single CPM candidate as well as 5 independent ones who won the elections. It also hopes to find some support in form of cross voting from the discontented lot of the saffron party.

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