Monday , 20 September 2021
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Epiroc India sets upservice academy in Udaipur; train women engineers in mining

Epiroc India sets upservice academy in Udaipur; train women engineers in mining

Udaipur :  Epiroc Mining India, a global productivity partner for mining and infrastructure industries, has established a state-of-the-art service academy in Udaipur, Rajasthan, to train engineers, enhance innovative skills and increase the talent pool in the company. The academy, set up under the aegis of Epiroc Customer Centre, will also focus on skilling women engineers in the Indian mining sector.

The service academy is a part of the company’s continuous efforts to understand and exceed customer expectations, and meet the growing market demand for quality and reliable product services.

“Our machines are innovative and high-tech. To get the best out of them, we need highly-trained people to operate them, improve productivity and ensure longevity of the machines. Our new service academy will support our customers across the country and raise the customer centricity benchmarks,” Nitesh Jain, Regional Manager – Udaipur, Epiroc Mining India, said.

The academy will provide the engineers with on-the-job as well as classroom training, simulation training with real-life work scenarios, and training in management and administration, through Indian and global experts in the mining industry.They will also receive training in mining safety and health, and using high-tech machines to increase on-site productivity. The engineers, who pass out from the academy, will help improve operations and optimise applications in ways that benefit customers.

Epiroc Mining India Managing Director Jerry Andersson said, “We are excited about this service academy. This is an initiative that Epiroc which will take customer centricity a notch above. Thanks to the academy, customers will get skilled personnel and enhanced productivity.  The professionals too will learn new things and will learn innovative approaches to various situations on the job, and the company will get a pool of highly-efficient and trained professionals. It’s a win-win for all.”

The service academy will lay special emphasis on training female workers in mining and empowering them tobuild a career in a field that was once out of bounds. In February 2019, the governmentamended the labour rules allowing women to work in mines, both underground and opencast, during the day as well as at night with some conditions. The move is expected to increase the women force in the mining sector as well as ancillary industries. Being a thought leader in their domain, Epiroc India encourages women to be a part of this filed that provides opportunity and leaves no stone unturned to extend their skills and expertise.

Epiroc Mining India HR Manager Gauri Kulkarni said, “Ensuring women’s representation in the workplace will have positive consequences for our organisation. We have been encouraging women to be a part of this sector and so far the response has been overwhelming. Women are dynamic in their perspectives and nature, and bring value to the table that makes a difference to themselves and the company. We want to enable more women to be a part of this safe, high-technology and productive sector, and play a key role in empowering them in the workplace.”

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