Friday , 30 July 2021
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Environment Minister releases All India Tiger Estimation Report-2018

Environment Minister releases All India Tiger Estimation Report-2018

Unin Environment Minister also released a poster on small wild cats of India at the event. Addressing the media briefing in New Delhi, he said, India has nearly 70 per cent of the global tiger population and it leads the world. He said, tiger is the precious gem of nature and its presence means the forests are in good condition.
He said, in 1973 there were only 9 tiger reserves in the country now the total number of tiger reserves has gone up to 50. He said, India is ready to provide every assistance to increase the population of tigers in the world. He said, the culture of harmonious co-existence with nature in India has helped in sustenance of nearly 8 per cent of the world diversity in the country. The Heads of the governments of Tiger range countries had resolved to double the tiger population by the year 2022.
In this regard, Saint Petersburg declaration on tiger conservation was signed by the countries in 2010. In the meeting, it was decided to celebrate 29th July as Global Tiger Day across the world to create awareness on tiger conservation.