Friday , 18 June 2021
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Do’s and Don’ts during smog & pollution situation

The toxic levels of air pollution is directly affecting our respiratory system, putting people at a higher risk for asthma and lung inflammation. 

Adding to the severity, the changing weather conditions have locked the pollutants in the air and made the situation worse in and around Delhi. 

Doctors are warning people of dire consequences and discouraging them from stepping outdoors, while Supreme Court has declared a public health emergency in Delhi-NCR region. 

But what are the reasons behind this soaring pollution. Growing population, huge rise of vehicles, aggravating traffic congestion and increasing air and noise pollution. 

And, As the winter season sets in, dust particles and pollutants in the air become unable to move. Due to the stagnant winds, these pollutants get locked in the air and affect weather conditions, resulting in smog and haze.

The various Health effects of air pollution includes : Breathlessness..Chest constriction.. Irritation in eyes.. Asthma and, Allergy.

The alarming situation makes it necessary to take precautionary measures to stay safe and avoid any kind of long-term problems. Exposure to pollution leads to irritation in the eyes, throat, skin, and other respiratory problems. Here are some of the ways to stay safe from pollution:

Health experts have advised the residents of Delhi NCR to wear masks and stay indoors, especially when the pollution levels are high. 

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts to help you survive this hazard: 

1. Stay indoor as much as possible
2. Wear a mask whenever you go out. and, wear the right masks with respirators
3. Place air purifying plants like Tulsi, spider plant, aloe vera in homes and offices to increase in door air quality.
4. stay hydrated. Drink more water to flush out toxins and harmful particles from body.
5. Start carpooling, public transport to reduce number of vehicles plying on road.
6. Follow a diet rich in anti oxidants, nutrients to detoxify and improve immunity.
7. Food such as fatty fish, pineapple, kiwi, onion and peppers help as Natural anti-allergics 
8. Avoid smoking.
9. keep proper check on pollution of vehicles.


1. Avoid outdoor activities, physical exercise in morning 
2. Do not burn garbage, plastics and other discarded items 
3. Avoid using the bigger roads with more traffic.
4. Avoid going to areas with heavy smoke or dust.

The alarming levels of air pollution will last only for a few days, but may lead to serious and long-term health problems. 

However, It is important to take proper precautions. It is the duty of every citizen to come together and do our own bit to control the pollution rather contributing more.

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