DLSA rescue woman being forced into marriage by parents in Chittorgarh

Udaipur : The district legal service authority (DLSA) Chittorgarh intervened and rescued a woman who claimed that she was being forced by her parents to get married to a man of their community, however , she didn’t wish to marry him and wanted to study further. 

DLSA secretary Bhanu Kumar said that one Rameshwar Sharma of Prayas Santhan informed  on Saturday night about a woman in Dungla area whose parents had arranged her marriage against her will and the ceremony was to be held on Sunday.

The woman said she was 23 years old and an adult but her parents wanted her to get married to a suitor of their choice. She also said she was under severe mental stress and felt helpless and insecure at her home. The woman said she was a graduate and wish to persue higher education and hence rescued and send to a safer place.

The DLSA ordered Dungla SHO Sangram Singh to take action. The police brought the complainant to the station and recorded her statement. The woman said that in 2017 her parents had married her off to a man from same community but after a dispute with her in-laws, the couple separated on mutual agreement and she came to live with her parents again.

The woman was sent to Sakhi one stop center, the center incharge Neetu Joshi said the woman and her parents would be counseled and appropriate action would be taken. 

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