Deepender Kunwar BJP candidate from VallabhNagar?

Udaipur : Amid speculations on the probable candidates for the much hyped VallabhNagar seat in the bi-elections to be held on October 30 , Janta Sena supremo Randhir Singh Bhinder held a massive rally at his residence in Bhinder block on Tuesday.

Hundreds of Janta Sena supporters gathered at his residence and expressed their support with cheering slogans when Singh asked whether Janta Sena would support his wife Deepender Kunwar if she got a ticket from the saffron party. The crowd cheered in ecstasy as they shouted slogans hailing the couple.

Singh while adressing the supporters said Janta Sena reside in the hearts of the people and if his people agree to support then only he could give a firm word.

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