Consumers can ask meter readers to show ID cards in UP

Lucknow : Taking serious note of the unsavoury incidents during meter reading by readers in the state in the last few days, Yogi Government has issued some strict guidelines for the safety of the electricity consumers.

electricity meter
electricity meter

Under these guidelines, effort has been made to ensure the rights of consumers and make meter reading process transparent. Now, electricity consumers can ask meter readers to show their identity cards and can also take their photos while taking meter reading.

Besides, some instructions have been issued to meter readers for instant uploading of meter reading. Working in sync with chief minister Yogi Aadityanath, minister for electricity AK Sharma has shared the copies of the Government order through tweets. The MD of UPPCL has issued the government order mainly to Lucknow, Kanpur, Meerut, Varanasi and Agra Electricity Distribution Corporations Ltd.

The government orders read that many complaints from the consumers who are being cheated and threatened by unwanted elements in the name of meter reading are pouring in. To protect the interests of honest consumers and save them from falling prey to cheats, it is important to alert them as well as the officers and employees of the corporations should also keep a strit watch and be on their guard during inspection.

Precautions for consumers

Whenever any checking squad or a person comes for the meter reading, the consumers should first of all ask them to show their Identity cards. Take Geotag photo in such a way during the meter checking that date, time should also appear together with meter reading. Geotag photo has mention of day, date and location. Many apps for Geotag photo can be easily dowanloaded from Playstore from mobile phones. If a consumer has any doubt, problem or complaint regarding inspection, he/she can contact on toll free number 1912. If necessary the consumer should meet the members of checking squad in the corporation office only.

Alerts for checking teams

When a checking squad or personnel of electricity department go for inspection, they should show their ID cards to the consumers without fail and give details of their duty. If a consumer wants his photo with checking squad during inspection, it is important for the team members to cooperate with him. The meter reading should be uploaded in the fixed format of the corporation soon after the inspection. If it is essential to summon a consumer after inspection, he/she should be called only to corporation office and they must be informed about the contact place and telephone number. Apart from it, the consumers should have the numbers of top officers of the corporation. The orders further state that the officers and members of checking squad must aware the consumers of their areas concerned and follow the guidelines.

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