Cong seeks answer from BJP over Bitcoin scam

New Delhi, April 8 : Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala on Friday said that the layers of Bitcoin scam were being finally unearthed, asking for answers from the Home Minister and Karnataka Chief Minister on this scam. Surjewala, in a series of tweets, said that people of India sought answers from HM and state CM. Surjewala, in a tweet, asked, “Is FBI in India to investigate India’s biggest Bitcoin Scam coverup under Karnataka BJP Government?.” In the second tweet, he asked, “How many Bitcoins were stolen and of what value? Who in Karnataka is involved? Were the stolen bitcoins transferred from the wallet of alleged hacker Sri Krishna?” He said, “Whether the “Whale Alerts” reflecting the transfer of the 14,682 stolen Bitfinex bitcoins valued at Rs 5,240 crores on the two dates – 1st December 2020 & 14th April, 2021, when Sri Krishna was in custody has any correlation?.” Surjewala asked why Interpol was not informed? Why did the BJP government wait for over five months up till 24th April 2021 to write to Interpol and that also after the release of Sri Krishna on 17th April, 2021? “Why were NIA, SFIO and ED not informed by the Karnataka BJP government?,” he asked. CM SHK2151

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