Tuesday , 14 August 2018
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CoA clips wings of BCCI office-bearers

MUMBAI: In order to ensure that it retains absolute control of the game’s administration and day-to-day affairs, the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) severely cut powers of BCCI office-bearers on Thursday. The CoA sent a list of do’s and don’ts to all members of the board, which leaves them absolutely ineffective where daily functioning is concerned.

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The CoA – comprising Vinod Rai and Diana Eduljee – released a 12-pointer, stating that this is being done to ensure all affairs of BCCI are carried out in accordance with the orders passed by the SC as well as in the interests of good governance.

In doing so, the CoA has dictated that all existing office-bearers and the CEO “shall be bound to act in accordance with the directions of the CoA and shall aid, assist and cooperate with the CoA so as to enable it to (i) effectively supervise the management and administration of the BCCI through the CEO; (ii) ensure that the directions contained in the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s judgment dated 18th July 2016 (“Judgment”) are implemented; and (iii) supervise and control the functioning of the officebearers of the BCCI. The existing officebearers and the CEO shall take all necessary steps to ensure compliance and/or give effect to these directions”.

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“In order to address various difficulties and to better facilitate the supervision and control of the management and administration of BCCI, the CoA is of the view that it is now necessary to issue a fresh set of directions to replace the directions on April 6, 2017,” Rai said.

The board officials are convinced that this decision on part of the CoA needs to be challenged. They strongly believe that “the CoA has gone about doing everything except the one thing that the Supreme Court has asked them to do”.

The office-bearers say Supreme Court asked the CoA to get the new constitution approved and conduct elections. “They’ve swept that aside and instead have been sitting here for 16 months, taking decisions that have nothing do with the SC order. So they’re school principals and we’re schoolchildren, is it?” fuming BCCI members told TOI on Thursday.

The new mandate – one that BCCI members are crying foul about and are gearing up to challenge in the apex court – says office-bearers of the board can no longer exchange e-mails between themselves or with the staff / employees / consultants without the CoA and CEO of BCCI being marked on it.

“This is ridiculous. What is this, a Nazi comeback? My basic right as a citizen is now under question. Now, we can’t order food and water in office without CoA’s approval?” BCCI officials retorted.

The CoA clampdown

• Office-bearers of BCCI and their respective executive assistants shall not undertake any travel, including (but not limited to) hotel accommodation at BCCI’s expense without prior approval of the CoA

• BCCI shall not bear expenses of any legal representation sought by the office-bearers

• CEO alone will sign all pleadings/ affidavits/applications

• All contracts/tenders above Rs 25 lakh will only be approved by CoA
• All payments to be made on behalf of the BCCI shall be jointly approved by the acting secretary and the CEO
• No meeting of the general body will be allowed without approval of the COA
• The acting secretary shall continue to sign all contracts/appointment letters on behalf of BCCI. However, if a contract/appointment letter that has been approved by the CoA is not signed by the acting secretary within reasonable time not exceeding 5 working days, the CoA may direct the CEO to sign such contract/appointment letter. Once a contract/appointment letter has been signed by the CEO as per the directions of the CoA, the same shall be binding on BCCI.
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