Monday , 14 June 2021
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Bangladesh police practice Yoga for health during Corona pandemic

A Yoga session was organized on Monday with about 100 police officers participating in various exercises and activities in Dhaka. Over the course of time about 1,200 police personnel will participate in the Yoga sessions organized by the DMP.

The spokesperson for the Dhaka police’s diplomatic security division Rajan Kumar Saha told AFP that Yoga was important to keep the police force stress free during the duty. He said that Yoga session was part of the exercise to morally boost the police during the time of the pandemic.

More than 6000 police personnel across the country have been infected by Coronavirus since the first case was reported on March 8 in Bangladesh.

Coronavirus has been spreading fast in Bangladesh. Till Monday, 930 people have died due to Coronavirus while a total of 68,504 people are infected by the virus.