Sunday , 9 May 2021
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Assembly Elections: Campaigning picks momentum

Voting for the Maharashtra and Haryana Legislative Assembly is due next week. As election time draws near, all political parties are increasing the pace of campaigning.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address an election rally in Faridabad on Monday. BJP president Amit Shah will also address a public meeting in Ellenabad in the state.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is also scheduled to address the election meeting in Nuh in Haryana on Monday. Voting for Haryana Legislative Assembly will be held on October 21 and counting of votes on October 24.

In Haryana, PM Modi to address election rally at Prithla, Faridabad, BJP President Amit Shah to address a public meeting at Mallika Village, Ellenabad and Rahul Gandhi to address a public meeting at Nuh.

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