Sunday , 1 August 2021
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Ashish Singh shares smiles, positivity and happiness amidst Covid pandemic

Ashish Singh shares smiles, positivity and happiness amidst Covid pandemic

These are the rare gems of society who seek to impact people’s lives for the better so as to make them realize the value of their lives and themselves as individuals. This noble intention to reach more people and to spread awareness is something that a young lad from Punjab has been doing successfully. He is Ashish Singh, who has become a well-known personality on Instagram with his IG handle – @thevanquishment.

His whole intention of creating content has not just been to entertain his followers and audiences, but more importantly to educate them on certain issues and make them more aware of the ongoings of the world and what efforts they can put to overcome the many challenges they are facing during the lockdown.

There are so many people who lose faith and hope easily while facing such trying times in life, but Ashish Singh, on the other hand, makes sure he keeps up the energy of people and connect with them in one way or the other so that through his content, he helps them to come out of their fears, anxiety, negativity and struggles and help in spreading smiles across people to give them the right dose of positivity and hope.

Vanquishment means defeating one’s enemies and Ashish through his IG handle wants to send across the message to people that it is time to overcome the many fears inside us and conquer this pandemic by being optimistic and even productive each passing day by learning new things even in a lockdown.

Talking about Ashish’s prowess, he entertains people not only being an influencer but also through his creative storytelling in directing videos on sci-fi topics and future concepts that are highly innovative. His content on awareness has garnered maximum love from the audiences where he talks about what people must do amidst a pandemic, which has even resulted in his posts going viral on social media. He has also spoken about the current state of affairs, urging people to not pass on fake or false information and to not judge people or make statements without any proof. 

Ashish made efforts to reach more people with his positive messages by holding billboards on roads with messages that could seem small, but that which can make a huge difference in a person’s life.

The young influencer also is a creative mind who makes hilariously funny videos. His knowledge in styling is also par excellence and one can know that looking at his styling and fashion videos. Ashish has also shown his mastery in cooking a variety of delectable dishes, including mouth-watering patisserie, inspiring many others to try the same at home. 

His loves to sketch as well and showed his expertise through the number of sketches he made of characters he admires and loves.

Looking at the talents of this young blood, there is probably nothing that Ashish can’t do. Ashish Singh is an all in one package of various talents that people can take bundles of inspiration from, to lead a life much fulfilling and happier.