Are There Any Benefits of Porting to Postpaid? Read On!

Prepaid or postpaid – there are only two ways of going about your mobile phone plan. Some prefer using prepaid, while some others opt for postpaid sim. Whichever one you choose, both have their shares of pros and cons. However, in this article we will shed light on the advantages of porting from Prepaid to Postpaid SIM.

So, if you’re someone planning to make the switch, then this one’s for you!

A fixed monthly bill

With your postpaid plans, you will be fixated on a single plan for the whole month. As a result, you have a clear idea on how much money you need to set aside for your mobile phone plan. Hence, planning your monthly expenditure is considerably easier. No more worrying about chalking up unexpected mobile recharges or buying extra plans. You have a clearer and brighter picture.

Get more mobile data

Another glaring benefit that makes people switch to postpaid, is the ability to get more mobile data. Sure, prepaid plans also offer you the required amount of mobile data. However, compare those plans with specific prepaid plans and you may see that for the same amount, you are getting a higher data balance in certain cases. A key factor to ponder upon, don’t you think?

A lot of discounts and additional benefits

Discounts and benefits are everywhere nowadays. So, when you buy a postpaid mobile recharge plan, why should you be the one who is devoid of these? With the right postpaid plan, you can even get free OTT subscription offers. Wanted to get Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions, but their plans or prices made you frown? Time to turn that upside down with your new postpaid plan!

Data rollover – only with postpaid

Now here is something you will never get on a prepaid plan. Prepaid users may gloat that they get data on a per day basis but ask them how much of that data do they really use. You will realise that people are so busy through the day, they can barely get through 50% of their daily data package. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all that data could be saved, say for the weekends, when binge-watching, social media scrolling, and streaming YouTube is the norm? Your postpaid plan will let you have the data rollover feature quite easily. The previous month’s unused data pack is added to the next month’s data allowance.

Choose Airtel postpaid

With Airtel postpaid, you will get to experience all the features mentioned above and a few more, such as 5G. And no, you will not have to get a 5G SIM card for that. The regular SIM from Airtel will run 5G just fine.

Additionally, Airtel postpaid is handled much better on the Thanks app. Look at the Airtel recharge benefits, claim those benefits, do your Airtel 4G data balance check, and a lot more.

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