Saturday , 31 July 2021
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Amid COVID – 19 setback, Venteskraft members emerged out victorious through intraday trading

Intraday trading have been considered as a risky business as it involves huge losses if it is not handled with proper knowledge. The chances of loosing money is more due to the volatility in the market if the positions are not hedged.

Learning intraday trading also requires one to put their time, effort and seek guidance. These hurdles have made people to snob day trading. But the pandemic situation has compelled people to give it a try.
With a well organised training schedule and efficient trainers, Venteskraft has made making money from intraday trading achievable to thousands of people around the country.

The founder and CEO Mahin B S and the Co- founder Rahul Rajeev have been changing lives of many people who struggled to make money or choose stock market as their career since the inception of their company.

They have designed over forty strategies that will make people tackle any situation they face in the markets.

This indeed has made their students come out with glorifying profits even in the recent black swan event.
They have designed the program in a way that the students get an all- round  in depth knowledge of the market movement and the reaction of a stock to the movement of the market.

They focus on the after market sessions in which students get all their insights and doubts for the day cleared.

A segment, research analysis that happens twice a week in the program help their students to strengthen their basics in all the segments of trading and all the setups they are taught. They even assign enthusiastic learners with certain research assignments in the stock market that can make their understanding towards the market better.

They make each students go through all the possible situations they would face in the market  and then they ask the students to trade. 
The students say that the dedicated trainers of the institution have been guiding them since the beginning and that is what helped the achieve success in their journey as a trader.

The traders not only interact with the students during the sessions but also are available in various social media platforms throughout the day.

Students say that the trainers never fail to encourage the enthusiastic learners and  would never let them down. 
Venteskraft has been passively helping the economy grow by introducing many newbies to the market  and thus making more transactions happen at the exchange.

With more than thirty thousand active traders and hundreds of new registrations, the company has been passively helping the economy by increasing the cash inflow into the market by training new people to the trade system and improving their confidence to invest higher capital thereby increasing the number of transactions in the market.

In the recent black swan event the company helped thousands of people to make money from the stock market and has proved the potential of stock market and also of the right mentorship.