Al Ain Zoo sustainably enhancesthe greenery of its landscape with local foliage and trees

AL AIN : Al Ain Zoo beautifies its green spaces and enhances its landscape with local plants and trees, as part of its role in theconservation of environment and wildlife, through the Zoo’s development projects andmaintenance workswhich are implemented by the Horticulture Department team.

A number of local foliage,known for their low consumption of water and resistanceto heat and drought, were plantedto provide shade and beautify the Zoo’s surroundings.These include Sidr trees, Ghaf, Ghadaf, Henna, Rak, KaffMaryam, Asbak, and non-local plants such as Ruellia, Sansevieria, Sabah Al-Khair, blue tea, and others.

Environment friendly gardening andmaintenance methods are applied regularly at the Zoo such as the use of natural soil covers includingmulch and stones for landscaping, reduce irrigation water consumption, and removedunnecessary grass areas.The Horticulture Departmentproactively works on limiting the use of the irrigation system in several places at the Zooand reduce maintenance operations costs such asin harmful weeds removal. Other solutions include the conscious use of irrigation system, avoidance of soil erosion, and the use of recycled materials for security and safety purposes.

Eco-friendly measures are implemented in the Zoo’s daily operations regularlyto achieve the nation’s sustainability goals, in alignment with the Zoo’s own objectives.

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