Monday , 29 November 2021
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Al Ain Zoo gives employees free EXPO 2020 Dubai tickets

Al Ain Zoo gives employees free EXPO 2020 Dubai tickets


Al Ain : Al Ain Zoo has announced that it will be giving employees in various sectors free tickets to visit EXPO 2020 Dubai to enable them to explore the valuable opportunities, experiences and practices showcased at this world-class event, and to give them the opportunity to take part in this huge achievement put together by some of the world’s most creative minds.

The Zoo’s initiative stemsfrom its sincere desire to offer its employees the opportunity to experience this exceptional event, which is having a positive effect across the UAE thanks to the opportunities, knowledge exchange, richness of heritage and diversity of creative ideas that EXPOhas to offer through the participation of 192 countries from all over the world, and for the first time in the region.


Commenting on the initiative, Juma Khalifa Al Kaabi, Director of Human Resources Departmentat the Zoo, said: “EXPO 2020 Dubai is an inspiration for business sectors to contribute to building a global future based on cooperation and the exchange of experiences with the objective of bringing prosperity of humanity as a whole. The participation of our staff members will contribute to their enthusiasm and creativity, allowing them to witness thismonumental achievement that is a product of some of the best minds in the world.”


The Zoo will be offering its employees up to 10EXPO 2020 trips (two each week) until December 2021, with the aim of encouraging staff to explore every corner of the fair in order to enrich their experiences and enhance their skills in various areas, whether on the professional or personal level.


Through this initiative, the Zoo seeks to help in maximizing the skill sets of its employees in diverse fields and building up their knowledge, as well as contributing to the development of their capabilities by drawing on the specialized global expertise invested in EXPO 2020, which in turn will directly reflect on the quality of services and experiences offered by Al Ain Zoo.