Monday , 20 September 2021
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Al Ain Zoo employees present innovative cultural, economic and tourism projects in Abu Dhabi as part of the Abu Dhabi School of Government General Competencies programme

AL AIN : Al Ain Zoo, as part of its aim to enhance government institutional development, has presented a number of projects that have earned top grades for innovation, by employees who have graduated from the Abu Dhabi School of Government virtual ‘General Competencies’ program.


The projects include four main development plans: “Hemma”, a digital platform for people of determination, “Senyar Abu Dhabi Marine Taxi” project,“Atmata” for smart assessment of the performance of employees of government institutions, and the “Abu DhabiGovernment Digital Library” project, aimed at collecting, storing and making available the intellectual output of government institutions.


Ninety-five percent of the participants of a survey carried out via the “Hemma” platform gave their full supported to the idea of creating an integrated platform for people of determination by combining the services of various government institutions into a single platform that collects their data and provides them with shortcuts that facilitate them attaining their needs. The project was presented by Soha Mohammad, Aysha Al Yahyaee and Fatima Al Kaabi.


The second project is “Senyar Abu Dhabi”, a water taxi service to provide a range of options for travel around Abu Dhabi and its islands, with the added environmental gains of reducing the carbon footprint, easing traffic congestion, benefitting tourism and boosting the social merit of marine transportation in support of Abu Dhabi’s future vision for strengthening the maritime sector in general. ‘Senyar” is expected to earn a profit of AED 360,000 per boat, per annum for short distance transport rides, and AED 800,000 per year for each boat on longer routes. The project was presented by Abeer Al Nuaimi, Fatema Al Mahri and MouzaAlneyadi.


“Atmata” is a state-of-the-art electronic system designed to increase employee satisfaction and workplace integrity by switching away from human employee yearly assessments to a digital system that accurately assesses 80% of each employee’s performance throughout the year, while the final 20% is assessed by his or her direct manager or supervisor. The new system would enhance the level of trust between employees and their supervisors and decreases the need for human interaction when it comes to professional performance of employees. The project was presented by Ahmed Al Ahbabi and Badreya Alblooshi.


Promoting the UAE’s vision of becoming a knowledge-based economy, the Abu Dhabi Government Digital Library is designed to be the nucleus of the nation’s first-ever national, digitized library, which will be available 24/7 to support the needs of students, researchers and society in general.


According to a survey conducted about the initiation of an integrated platform of publications and research material by in the Abu Dhabi government, 93% of respondents showed their support for the project, and 91% approved the creation of a central digital library that serves employees of all government bodies in Abu Dhabi. The project was presented by Saleh AlMansouri, Samira AlThahli and Nada AlShemmari.


35 Al Ain Zoo employees from various administrative fields took part in the second Abu Dhabi School of Government ‘General Competencies’ program, which primarily targets developing staff competencies by enhancing their skills to improve the overall performance of government bodies and institutions.