Monday , 29 November 2021
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Al Ain Zoo continues to accept participants for its Virtual Winter Camp for 2021

Al Ain Zoo continues to accept participants for its Virtual Winter Camp for 2021

AL AIN  :Al Ain Zoo is happily receiving more and more participants in its virtual winter camp for 2021. The virtual camp includes various exciting adventures, introducing campers to many secrets and insights on animals, giving them behind the scenes inside stories and adds in some surprises and efforts that contribute to campers learning about the life of all the magnificent creatures that call the Zoo home, under the title, “Al Ain Zoo Interesting back of house stories”.


Camp registrations will stay open for more campers until the end of November through Al Ain Zoo website, meaning that all participants can get access to a whole world of wonder and excitement and learn more of the secrets of the animal kingdom over the course of 2 weeks from December 12th to December 22nd. They will also get the unique chance of getting to know more about animal keeping, listen to the stories of caregivers and the secrets they learned while close to those marvelous creatures and the unexpected friendships between man and beast, only known to those who work closely with wildlife and animals.


The free virtual winter camp for the 7 to 14-year-old age group provides a wealth of knowledge and a great series of interactive programs by the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre and various Zoo facilities and exhibits on a virtual basis that mimics an actual insiders’ tour of the Zoo, so as to maximize the experience and enjoyment of participants as they connect with the Zoo’s vast plant and wildlife diversity.


Within the core values and objectives of Al Ain Zoo lies its concern with the education and awareness levels of young people, and so the Zoo provides them with various programs and awareness-raising activities, including educational programs, training and 3 camps a year for spring, summer and winter, providing multiple experiences that spread knowledge, enhance education and share entertainment at the same time, in addition to developing personality building skills, social interaction and teamwork in multi-hobby and multi-interest groups.