Al Ain Zoo : a wonderfultourist attraction that ishome to 4,000 animals

Al Ain : Al Ain Zoois one of the world’s largest and most respected entities concerned with environmental and conservation projects,housing 4,000 animals on its more than 900 hectares of land. It offers visitors an amazing variety of unique experiences at regional and global levels, following international best practices for the protection of endangered species, and is thus a global point of reference for the conservation of nature, whether wildlife, aquatic,orof various plant species.


The Zoo provides a rangeof visitor-pleasingexperiences for peopleof all ages, from daily interactiveZoo programmes and activities toatour of theAl Ain Safari, an exciting explore-and-discover experience among African wildlife consisting of diverse animal species wandering freely through vast areas of land without restriction. There is also the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre, which is one of the most fascinating architectural masterpiecesin the United Arab Emirates with a“Five-pearl” rating for sustainability in both design and construction phases, and (LEED) Platinum certification for the Global Sustainability Programme. The Centre offers a full range of educational and informative tours.


Tour guides and cultural instructors in the Zoo guide visitors and highlight the important role played by the Zoo in the preservation of nature, raising awareness insociety of the natural world of the Emirates. The guides make every visitor’s trip more exciting, interesting and enlightening as they relate stories behind the UAE’s vision tosupport the spirit of preserving the nation’s traditions, culture and environmental heritage. They are also distinguished by their excellent communication skills, their knowledge, and their way of interacting with visitors, highlighting customs and traditions, showing hospitality and demonstrating their ability to represent the culture of the UAE to visitors of different nationalities.


Al Ain Zoo is one of the most important and popular tourist attractionsin the UAE,appealing to people of allage groups and interests, and receivesthe highest number of visitors, local, regional and international, during their tours of Al Ain city.It is the first of its kind in the Middle East and a favorite recreational destination for families throughout the year who appreciate its distinctive recreational, educational and cultural facilities, and the wide variety of wildlife.

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