Friday , 20 September 2019
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Acid laden tanker topples, 9 dead

Acid laden tanker topples, 9 dead

Udaipur : Nine persons including two women and three kids were killed when a tanker, loaded with an acidic  chemical,  toppled on a van and a motorbike on the Charbhuja-Desuri-ki-Naal mega state highway in Rajsamand district on Friday afternoon, creating panic among commuters and nearby villagers and causing a major traffic pile-up in the area.

Soon after the heavy tanker overturned, fire services rushed to the spot. Fire fighters showered the area with water to eliminate the effect of acid spilled on the road and the rescue operation could begun after some three hours. Five of the deceased are said to be of a family from Shahpura in Bhilwara who had set off in the morning in a picnic mood. The van in which they were travelling was completely damaged as the heavy tanker fell and crushed it badly. Three persons who were on a motorcycle running beside the van, too was caught under the tanker.

Four persons died on spot, while others succumbed to injuries in the hospital, police sources claimed. Police teams from Charbhuja, Kelwa and adjoining stations of Pali district too rushed to the spot and began the salvaging work while the victims and injured were rushed to the nearby hospital.  Police moved the toppled tanker away using a crane and cleared the road by late evening. Rajsamand Colletor Arvind Poswal and additional SP Rajesh Gupta too went to the accident spot and later to the hospital to enquire about the victims. Police said the dead bodies were shifted to mortuary while their relatives have been informed. 

All of the deceased were travelling in the van and were two families who were friends. They were identified as Mukesh Agarwal (40) His wife Mamta (35) their children Yash(10) and Darshit (7). Mamta’s Nephew Jayant (18) son of Manpower Agarwal was also with them. Mukesh’s friend Pankaj (38) his wife Sangeeta (36) their daughters Ananya (15) and Anandana (10) had accompanied.

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