Thursday , 9 December 2021
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6 kids living by themselves after parents died in accident 10 months ago

6 kids living by themselves after parents died in accident 10 months ago

Udaipur : A day after the District Legal Service Authority reached the home of six children who were orphaned after their parents’ accidental  death, in Kalbeliya Magra basti in Badgaon block adjoining the city area, voluntary organisations rushed to help the kids on Thursday.

The DLSA  chairman RP Soni directed secretary Kuldeep Suttrakar upon getting a distress call from a neighbor on the helpline number who informed about the helpless children struggling for  survival. Sutrakar went to the basti on Wednesday and met the children who said that their parents had died on September 18 in a car accident at Debari.

The children received no help from any department or the district administration. After starving for some days when the ration  stock was exhausted,the eldest brother, who was over 18 years old, started picking rags to earn money. The children said that their parents had taught them not to beg for money and hence when their brother could not make money any day, they would all sleep without food.

The DLSA secretary asked the tehsildar,  education and Social welfare department on not reaching out the kids to help or enroll them under the  Palanhar yojana but the officials said they did  not have any information about these six children. Sutrakar appealed to the people to call at the DLSA helpline number 08306002022 if anyone comes across such children in need of help.

After the DLSA’s intervention,  Bhojraj Singh of  Aasra Vikas Sansthan met the children on Thursday and provided them ration stock for a month. The RSCPCR was also informed of their situation and asked to intervene. Narayan Seva Santhan members too provided assistance to the children. 

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