5 terrorist suspects arrested in Indonesia

Jakarta, April 6 ( /Xinhua) The Indonesian police said on Wednesday that its anti-terror squad has arrested five suspected terrorists in South Tangerang, a satellite town of the capital Jakarta. National Police spokesperson Ahmad Ramadhan said the suspects, believed to have affiliated with a terrorist network of the Indonesian Islamic State (NII), were apprehended on Sunday. The police did not revealed the identities of the suspects as the investigation was underway. On March 25 in West Sumatra province, the Densus 88 police force arrested 16 terrorist suspects who massively recruited new members, including children. They were connected with other NII members in Jakarta, West Java province and the country’s resort island of Bali. NII is a rebel group that wants to make Indonesia an Islamic state led by Kartosoewirjo who was arrested and executed in 1962. /XINHUA MYK

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